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Please note: The candle wax of most of our candles are now transitioned to white wax. You will not be receiving Pink wax for this candle.  

Life in rosy hues. This one is for you. The ultimate Self-love.  The best love. Love unconditionally, without judgement. Release fear, resentment and envy. Bring in oneness. Reconnect with the truest version of yourself. 

Self-love is the highest frequency that attracts everything you desire.

Our candles are lightly scented with natural oils and dressed with ritual appropriate herbs, floral essence, resins, gem elixirs, and intention prayer. Handmade, all natural and sustainable wax.

Recyclable glass. 

Custom made to order, please allow for processing time. 

Please note: Dressing the candle or moving it may disturb the wax and wick. For maximum magical results, do not blow the candle out - SNUFF IT OUT. For safety be careful when handling candle while burning, the glass can be hot to the touch. Keep away from clutter, drafts, loose clothing or other fabrics. Keep away from the reach of children and pets.