Sacred Body Oil


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Your body is sacred.

L’Huile Sacrè | Sacred Body Oil ~ the embodiment of intentions + healing in a bottle. Heavenly oils + plant power essence. Intentional oil for the body.   

Healers of ancestral times, were commissioned by royalty to prepare oils specially blended with herbs + flora that are abundant in healing properties. Indulgent and deeply rejuvenative, these oils were massaged onto the body as a secret to keeping youth afloat.

The first few minutes after showering is when it’s most essential to restore the skin’s moisture using. As you start to come to the end of the ritual, take a moment to reset your thoughts, breathing in the heady aromas in your bathroom and finding a place of complete calm. Blended using a concentration of essential oils, Aprés Body + Bath oil can be used at this stage as a therapeutic alternative, helping to nourish the skin and create a sense of harmony.

Light and easily absorbed by this skin, this luxurious Body Oil uses a unique blend of botanical ingredients to moisturize, firm, and soothe the skin. Nutrient rich, this serum works to fight signs of cellulite, improve skin elasticity, and refine skin’s texture. Using ancient herbs, to heal and increase collagen production – skin is hydrated, soft and supple whilst the soothing aroma transports you to a serene place. A well-deserved after shower indulgence to leave your delicate skin with a satin finish.

2 Sizes Available: 4oz and 8oz Glass Bottle 

PLEASE NOTE: Our products are handmade using all natural quality ingredients, however, this product may not heal skin conditions, or be suitable for all skin types. If suffering from major skin conditions, it’s always advisable to consult with a physician or dermatologist before using any of our products.