ROAD OPENER | Fixed Candle -  Sage + Gold Roots

ROAD OPENER | Fixed Candle

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. Open roads + remove blockages . The Road Opener fixed candle clears the path to your highest good. 


. A Road Opener ritual is a great way to overcome your most trying challenges, particularly when you feel blocked, stuck or simply can’t make any progress towards a desired goal or outcome. When traveling, embarking on a new project or pursuing a lifelong dream, our Road Opener Fixed Candle can reveal the simplest way to your destination. Great for protection on long trips and especially road trips.


. The Road Opener Fixed Candle is dressed with ritual appropriate herbs and oils that have long been celebrated for their ability to clear away obstacles and create new opportunities.

This candle has been crafted with intentions, Magick. 

Candles are lightly scented with natural oils and dressed with ritual appropriate herbs, floral essence, gem elixirs, and intentions. Handmade with 100% all natural and sustainable wax.

Each candle comes with crystal intuitively selected on your behalf. Place the crystal near your candle as it burns. When the candle is done burning, the crystal will be supercharged with your intention. Keep it on your altar or carry it with you as a totem reminding you of your ritual workings. Crystals vary with each candle and are chosen intuitively, what you get is exactly what the universe wants you to have!

Instructions on how to get the most out of your Fixed Candle is included.

Recyclable glass. 



All fixed candles are fixed to order. You will have the ability to add your own special intentions in a note attached to your online order when you reserve your candle. All candles come with instructions on how to use at your own altar or sacred space.

Please note:
 Dressing the candle or moving it may disturb the wax and wick. For maximum magickal results, do not blow the candle out - SNUFF IT OUT. For safety be careful when handling candle while burning, the glass can be hot to the touch. Never leave a burning candle unattended. Keep away from reach of children and pets.