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Prosperity Notes | Ancestor Money

Sale price$11.11

An excellent abundance and wealth activator. The main function of a prosperity activator is to bring happiness, wealth and abundance into your life, as well as your loved ones.

Keep your prosperity bills in your purse or wallet, or in plain sight at one or more locations to remind you that abundance is everywhere, and to invite wealth and happiness into your life. Place on your altar to signify paying ancestral debt + as a gratitude offering to the ancestors. Making your financial path clear + free of obstacles.

Prosperity Bills are a personal good fortune, wealth and happiness symbol.  For optimal results, please keep your prosperity bills nearby and hold good positive energy and thoughts at all times. Welcome opportunity as it knocks, inviting in good vibrations and joy.

Affirm Yourself: “Abundance + Prosperity are my birth right.”

These Prosperity Bills are 24K gold foil and have been blessed, anointed  + charged with the highest vibration  for abundance and prosperity.

Pack of 3 Prosperity Notes + abundance affirmation included.

sold as curio only 

Prosperity Notes | Ancestor Money  Sage + Gold Roots
Prosperity Notes | Ancestor Money Sale price$11.11