Juju  Bags -  Sage + Gold Roots
Juju  Bags -  Sage + Gold Roots

Juju Bags

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A Juju bag is a physical representation of a spell which you can carry with you wherever you go. Manifest protection, money, good luck + fortune,  skill mastery, love attraction, and more with our custom juju bags. 

Handmade juju bags, intentionally crafted and created. Juju bags also known as Mojo or Gris Gris Bags have been used as magical charms for centuries. Some consider them to be a form of sympathetic magick and some can be considered charged amulets and talismans, each of which are made with specific intent and purpose for the person it is intended for.

Each juju bag is carefully crafted with specific corresponding herbs, crystals/gemstones, magical components and is magically charged and infused with the intention and my energies. The contents of each bag is selected based on traditional correspondences, old world magical technique, ancestral wisdom, and your specific needs.

You will be able to select juju bags ranging from protection to money to healing and more. 

Please note: Due to the customization of this offering, please allow some variance with cloth pattern, string color and adornments. 

For a specific intent, leave a nore at checkout. 

Custom made to order, please allow processing time 7-10 days. 

Sold as a curio only.