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Magnetism Powder

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Being magnetic is a profound concept. It represents our ability to attract and manifest the things we desire in life. Just like a magnet pulls metal towards it, being magnetic means drawing positive energy, opportunities, and abundance towards oneself. It involves aligning our thoughts, emotions, and actions with our desires, creating a powerful energetic force that attracts what we seek.

A potent blend of herbal and floral essences, crafted to amplify your magnetism, attracting to you all that you desire.

Incorporate this magnetism powder in your attraction workings and rituals. 

To Use: Ignite this enchanting powder to boost and intensify your mystical endeavors. Sprinkle it in a fire safe vessel or cauldron, then gently ignite with a match or lighter. Fan the sacred smoke towards you. Watch as the ethereal smoke dances and envelops you, allowing you to tap into your deepest cosmic potential. Use it alone or blend with other enchanting incense concoctions to unlock a realm of transcendent rituals.

Self-lighting and easy to use. You can also sprinkle on a charcoal disc.

Bonus: sprinkle in your wallet, front door, altar, working space or place of business to increase your magnetism.

20 ml, small glass bottle sealed with wax (image enlarged in last photo to show texture and detail). 

Magnetism Powder  Sage + Gold Roots
Magnetism Powder Sale price$11.00