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Florida Water

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Florida Water is composed of alcohol and essential oils including orange oil, lemon oil, and lavender oil.  With its pleasant scent, Florida Water is believed to move heavy vibrations, uplifting your mood and encourage the flow of expression and emotions. Anointing the body after bathing with Florida Water is an age old secret.

Florida Water is used in spiritual work and cleansing. It is also used for protection before and after rituals. It can be worn on the body, used as an ingredient in spiritual baths,laundry. Use this to cleanse spiritual tools, second hand objects, cleanse your candles,and glass encased candles. It can also be used  itself as a cologne,or misted in the environment to cleanse it. It is revered as a staple on all altars no matter the practice.

To Use:
After a bath, dab some Florida Water on your head, neck, heart, and feet for protection and a feeling of balance and clarity.

Our Florida Water is charged with Full Moon energy, intentions, + blessings for higher potency. 

*CAUTION: Florida Water is highly flammable. Use extreme caution when working with it.

Florida Water Sage + Gold Roots
Florida Water Sale price$8.50