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Bain Rituel | Ritual Bath

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“Water is the most life sustaining gift on Mother Earth and is the interconnection among all living beings.  Water sustains us, flows between us, within us, and replenishes us...The sacred water element teaches us that we can have great strength to transform even the tallest mountain while being soft, pliable, and flexible. Water gives us the spiritual teaching that we too flow into the Great Ocean at the end of our life journey.” (Assembly of First Nations)

One of our most beloved rituals at Sage + Gold Roots is the sacred act of bathing. Spiritual baths have long been a form of purification and healing.

Sometimes a series of misfortune and less favorable energy looms over us. Nothing seems to be working in your favor. This Bain (bath) is crafted with herbs, salts, and ancestral wisdom to lift what is weighing you down. Allowing an outpour of Bonne Chance (Good luck) as you wash away that which doesn’t align with the version of your highest self.

Fix yourself this bath filled with essences that hold the intentions + vibrations of rest, good favor, luck, and wish fulfillment. 

Custom, made to order. 

Bain Rituel | Ritual Bath  Sage + Gold Roots
Bain Rituel | Ritual Bath Sale price$22.00