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L’Huile Rituel | Ritual Oil

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Ritual Oil

Our Ritual + Divination Oils are intended to amplify and enhance receptivity through the mind, body & Spirit. They can be used for many types of intentions such as uncrossing, attraction, success, increasing one's intuitive abilities, luck, personal power, legal issues and invoking spirits and ancestors.

Our Ritual Oils are used for magic, rituals and spell work. Use them to anoint the body, dress plain candles, anoint spiritual tools, juju bags, and altar spaces. Add them as an ingredient to baths, washes, and oil lamps. They can also added to our Ritual Candles and Baths.

Our ritual oils come with instructions. 

Surrender, Allowing your Spirit to guide you on how to use oils + offerings.

For Attraction, Clarity, Success, Love, and Luck spells, Divination Oil can be used as a powerful drawing oil. This oil can be worn on the body, put in the bath, anointed on important documents or dabbed on money- the uses are limitless. Place a drop or two in the heel of your shoes while attending legal hearings or while looking for work. Drop a little Divination Oil and wash down your front door or place some under your bed when sleeping. When performing spells of any kind, you may also add some Divination Oil to a glass bowl of water to call in the aid from your ancestors. Anoint a white candle with some for spirit work. Add some to your sachets, juju, gris gris or incense.

If you wish for your Divination oil to be  crafted with a specific intent, please leave a note at checkout.  

Sage + Gold Roots Oils are all natural, free of chemicals,  harmful preservatives, and a shelf life of up to a year. Safe to be worn on the body and hair. Made with jojoba oil and olive oil as base oils, flowers, herbs, roots, and curio. Scented with essential oil perfumes.


Sold as a Curio. For external use only.

.5oz (20ml), Glass Bottle. 


L’Huile Rituel | Ritual Oil  Sage + Gold Roots
L’Huile Rituel | Ritual Oil Sale price$22.00