Divination Oil – Sage + Gold Roots
Divination Oil
Divination Oil

Divination Oil

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Divination Oil

Increase your own personal power as well as the power of other oils, incense, powders, baths and rituals. Made with herbs, oils, and resins, its uses have their origins in the Caribbean and Africa. Our Divination Ju Ju Oil is  believed to boost the magical power of its user. With that said, it can be used for many types of intentions such as uncrossing, attraction, success, increasing one's intuitive abilities, hexing, luck, strength, legal issues and invoking spirits and ancestors. It's is also particularly powerful for anointing mojo bags, talismans and amulets.  

S+GR Divination Oils support your spiritual journey  + your connection to Spirit. Enhancing receptivity + downloads through the mind, body & Spirit unlocking the power of your mind. Giving clarity, enhancing the concentration necessary for entering altered states of consciousness.
Surrender, Allowing your Spirit to guide you on how to use oils + offerings.

For Attraction, Clarity, Success, Love, and Luck spells, Divination Oil can be used as a powerful drawing oil. This oil can be worn on the body, put in the bath, anointed on important documents or dabbed on money- the uses are limitless. Place a drop or two in the heel of your shoes while attending legal hearings or while looking for work. Drop a little Divination Oil and wash down your front door or place some under your bed when sleeping. When performing spells of any kind, you may also add some Divination Oil to a glass bowl of water to call in the aid from your ancestors. Anoint a white candle with some for spirit work. Add some to your sachets, ju ju, gris gris or incense.

An all purpose manifestation oil. Uniquely crafted.  Divine manifestation in a bottle.

If you wish for your Divination oil to be conjured with a specific intent, please leave a message at checkout.  

S+GR offerings + services may cause you to think + see things differently. Outside of the box. Accelerating your emotional intellect & awareness. Use for emotional/spiritual properties. Expand your internal guidance system and amplify lucid dreaming & memory recall. Expand creativity. Open your heart center. Speak your truth. See clearly. Open your mind. Receive all the knowledge & Wisdom that naturally resides within you. 

Sold as a Curio. For external use only.

20ml, Glass Bottle.