COWRIE SHELLS -  Sage + Gold Roots
COWRIE SHELLS -  Sage + Gold Roots


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Known as the worthiest ones, Cowrie Shells were commonly used as a form of currency throughout various parts of Africa. Making them a symbol of great prosperity and believed to have carried with them stories and teachings of respect and humanity.

Cowrie Shells have been used in the Hoodoo culture for centuries. In Hoodoo Folk Magic they are known as protective charms and powerful for feminine magic as well as abundance. Because of their unique vulva-like appearance and because they come from the ocean, it is a sacred symbol of Love Sea Goddesses in various cultures. According to African legend, the cowrie shells represent the highly powerful Goddess protection as well as connected with the strength and dense power of the Ocean. Resembling the lifegiving organs of the woman, these beautiful shells are also known as the elixir or giver of life.

With the connection to the Divine Feminine, the Cowrie Shell can be used to place on altars as well as used in various magickal workings for birth, sexuality, and menstruation. Beyond the feminine ties of these shells, they also represent prosperity.

Not only were these small glossy shells used for centuries as currency in various parts of the world such as Africa and India. Used in conjure and medicine circles. They were also used in Ancient Chinese medicines, being prescribed for various ailments and issues as well as ceremonies for the dead.

Cowrie Shell uses:

⧊ Cowrie shells represent the primal feminine, both powerful and strong.
⧊ Used in manifestation, prosperity and healing magick.
⧊ Talisman of fortune and wealth. Worn for centuries by kings and queens.

⧊ Cowrie shells represents the divine Goddess which is connected with the strength of the ocean.

⧊ An ancient symbol for creation, birth, and re-birth.

⧊ Used as a divination tools. Divine yes or no questions using 5 Cowrie Shells - 3 shells facing up can mean yes or no, 2 facing up can also mean yes or no. You are the one who must connect with your tools, higher self and the Divine to set the rules for communication.

Please Note: Folklore/Spiritual properties are merely supports to healing, not prescription or healthcare information. Spiritual healing lore is not a prescription, diagnosis or healthcare advice. They are presented as spiritual support ONLY. Seek advice that of a medical professional or licensed medical practitioner for all health related issues. The information listed here is to assist in explaining and developing one's understanding of the beliefs within the metaphysical and holistic communities. Used as curio only. 

This listing is for 11 Golden Cowrie Shells of various sizes that have been blessed in ritual for their intent workings. Due to the unique nature of our offerings, please allow some variance of size, color, shapes, etc.