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The Balm: All That Heals

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The balm is pure magic. A multipurpose nurturing balm,  especially crafted with healing herbs, florals and soothing essential oils.

Each herb is exclusively selected for their antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that support healing to the skin. 

The potent healing properties of Calendula and rose hips are infused in mango, cocoa and shea butters and rich coconut, jojoba and hemp seed oils.

Recommended Uses:

- Aids in soothing + bringing comfort to dry, chapped, cracked, chafed skin as a result of cuts, insect bites, eczema, psoriasis, + other skin wounds/conditions.

- Aids in soothing + moisturizing dry, itchy scalp

- A cleansing balm: massage into face, wipe The Balm away with warm water + a clean gentle exfoliating cloth. This balm can aid in regenerating skin cells, reducing the appearance of scars + blemishes

- A night time mask treatment: apply a thick layer of The Balm on face. Wipe away with warm water + clean wash cloth in the morning. Follow with your skincare ritual. For extra hydration apply our Ode to Gold Facial Oil  

- Makeup Remover

- Lip Balm

The possibilities are endless. Let your imagination + healing journey guide you! 

To Use:
Gently rub desired amount on skin area 

Ingredients: *golden jojoba oil + hemp seed + coconut oil infused with: *calendula, *rose hips, *helichrysum, beeswax, essential oils of: lavender + tea tree + frankincense 


 *due to the nature of this product, color may vary.

Use as recommended.

PLEASE NOTE: Our products are handmade using all natural quality ingredients, however, this product may not heal skin conditions, or be suitable for all skin types. If suffering from major skin conditions, it’s always advisable to consult with a physician or dermatologist before using any of our products.