A Dose of Maji | Sacred Smoke Bundle -  Sage + Gold Roots
A Dose of Maji | Sacred Smoke Bundle -  Sage + Gold Roots
A Dose of Maji | Sacred Smoke Bundle -  Sage + Gold Roots
A Dose of Maji | Sacred Smoke Bundle -  Sage + Gold Roots

A Dose of Maji | Sacred Smudging Incense Bundle

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Bounded together with intentions of peace, abundance, healing, growth, and love. Simple offerings to raise your vibration and elevate your sacred rituals.

A perfect smudging alternative or companion to burning sage. Choose to burn together or each element individually. If choosing to burn together, note some of the elements will burn faster than others. Set your intentions for each and burn away 

GOLD - Gold candles are often used to represent the masculine, God energy and the Sun. They are used in spells & rituals involving prosperity, abundance, good fortune and happiness.


PALO SANTO - Cleansing our space with Palo Santo focuses our attention and awareness, allowing us to look inside and align our breathe with our bodies. Natures incense, Palo Santo emanates a welcoming and positive aroma. Light to purify and to invoke creativity, peace, and positivity. 


CINNAMON - corresponds to the element of fire- promoting passion, warmth, abundance power, strength and protection. It helps us to achieve what we desire, especially if our intentions are clear while working with it. Cinnamon invokes energy and joy and is great for stirring up stagnant/blocked energy, allowing it to freely flow.


ROSE ROPE INCENSE - a Symbol of love and purity, in aromatherapy it is a soothing effect on the emotions particularly depression, grief and resentment. Lifts the heart  and eases nervous tension and stress. Perfectly safe for the inhalation and the environment. Each Rope Incense is 3.5" 9cm long, handmade in Nepal. 

EUCALYPTUS - for healing, spiritual growth, and raising vibrations.

This Dose of Maji Sacred Smudging Incense Bundle is a great gift for yourself or loved ones.

** All Palo Santo materials are ethically sourced “Bursera graveolens” variety NOT to be confused with the endangered variety known as “Bulnesia sarmientoi”. Wood is harvested from naturally fallen materials. Nothing is cut or picked from the trees.

*Please note:  Due to the natural handmade nature of these items, herbs, string color, and flowers may differ from what is pictured but all the magick remains the same.

You will be receiving 1 (one) ritual bundle per order.