Rose of Jericho | The Resurrection Plant – Sage + Gold Roots
Rose of Jericho | The Resurrection Plant

Rose of Jericho | The Resurrection Plant

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A plant native to the desert, the Rose of Jericho has powerful magickal + spiritual properties that are far from few.

It is commonly known as the Resurrection Plant, as it comes to life from a dry state, once it roots are placed in water.

Covering the roots only, place your Rose of Jericho in a vessel (bowl or plate) of fresh water and watch its feathery, fern-like leaves come to life as they become green again releasing transformational healing energy. This plant erases negative influences, and welcomes in peace and harmony to your sacred environment. 

Once the plant completely unfurls, the water becomes spiritual water. The water used to revive Rose of Jericho is often used for protection and to increase wealth. It can be sprinkled on counters, tables, or doorways to bring in more business, or added to floor washes for good fortune and protection. Additionally, you can use the protective properties of the water to “wash” your jewelry, coins, amulets, medallions to serve you as protective talismans.

Complete instructions on how to get the most out of your Rose of Jericho is included with purchase.

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