Rose Cologne – Sage + Gold Roots
Rose Cologne

Rose Cologne

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Made from the original maker of Florida Water, Lanman & Murray, this Rose Cologne is essential spiritual water for rituals for love and good luck. Also known as Colonia de Rosas, this rose cologne is an excellent companion for Florida water and used to clear out the energies when using Florida Water.

It is very common that this lovely rose scented fragrance is used alone as a scent on the body, poured into a spritzer bottle as a room or linen spray, or even as a liquid version of rose quartz - calling in energies of love, romance, confidence, self love and inner peace. Add this lovely rose cologne to your bath water to invite in sweet energy of harmony, elevating one's spirit and bringing about an aura of attraction. Feel free to also create your own ritual when using the rose cologne spiritual water. Powdery floral scent.

This rose cologne comes in a 4 oz. plastic bottle, made and bottled in the United States.