Floral Water Trio – Sage + Gold Roots
Floral Water Trio

Floral Water Trio

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A divine bundle of Agua Florals. 

Peruvian carnation scented cologne. For eternal tranquility and joy. Its aroma helps to calm the sensation of anguish brought about by stress or physical problems. For eternal tranquillity and joy. Divine motherly love.  Carnation is often used in classical fragrances due to its spicy peppery scent that deepens floral notes and is especially effective combined with rose scent. 

Rose Cologne is essential spiritual water for rituals for love and good luck. Also known as Colonia de Rosas, this rose cologne is an excellent companion for Florida water and used to clear out the energies when using Florida Water.

Different than that of the essence of Florida Water, Agua Floral Water has softer floral notes. An essential for Divine Feminine rituals. Add to your bath water for beautiful tranquility and alignment.