Divine Beauty – Sage + Gold Roots

Divine Beauty

Beauty and Attraction Bath Herbal Mix

A powerful blend of bath herbs to connect with the energy of the full moon, heighten intuition, gain clarity with prophetic visions and aid in energy healing. Used for workings with goddess energy, self worth and self love, as well as attraction.

This soak was created to relax and soothe the body and charged to exude love, beauty, and abundance in all areas of your life.

How to Use + Get the Most Out of your Sacred Soak:

Brew the herbal blend over the stove for 15 mins, allowing the mixture to steam. Strain the brew with a cheese cloth or think cloth to remove the herbs. Add the brew to bath water after you have fully showered your body. You can add additional magnesium, epsom or sea salts to your bath water and the herbal brew, if you desire. While soaking visualize the purest of white light, healing, and protection surrounding you while you focus on your intent.