Vivre | Detox Ritual Bath -  Sage + Gold Roots

Vivre | Detox Ritual Bath

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Vivre means “to live” in French. Breathe life into your being. Purge what is no longer serving both physically and spiritually. Conjure a hydrating bathing experience with this detoxifying bath of salts, dehydrated citrus, and flora. Crafted from a blend of Certified Vegan ingredients including salts of the Dead Sea, dried herbs, citrus and flowers, this offering moisturizes and detoxes the skin while improving tone and texture.

  • Intended for all skin types.
  • How to Use: Submerge weekly into a bath of Vivre Crystals and warm water. Apply Sage + Gold Roots L’Huile Sacrè  Body Oil to damp skin to complete and close the ritual.