Alcoholado Cologne – Sage + Gold Roots
Alcoholado Cologne

Alcoholado Cologne

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Alcoholado Cologne

•|| Alcoholado has been used for generations by folks in the Carribbean. Alcoholado is made with grain alcohol, witch hazel and bay laurel leaf that is used as a spiritual cologne. With its potent and refreshing aroma, Alcoholado cologne has become a staple in the sacred practice of many people looking to add more tools to their arsenal of spiritual work, holistic health/wellness and personal development.
Some Uses for Alcoholado:
~ Great for cleansing your aura and the energetic field of the body
~ Use as an addition to spiritual and detox baths when the body needs restoration
~ Rub down the body with Alcoholado when the body feels aches or pulled muscles
~ Use as a body rub down when you have a cold, flu or fever to stabilize the body

~ Use in place of toner to keep skin free of blemishes and acne supporting a bright healthy glow 

~ Use in floor washes in the home when someone has passed in your life or when someone has been sick to cleanse the home.

4 fl. oz