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The Prosperity Box is the ritual for those that are ready to get real with their money blocks and explore what wealth really means to you.

Use these potent curated tools to harness the energy of prosperity, wealth, and abundance, all while digging deep into what you really want be it from work, success, financial freedom, and money.

The Prosperity Ritual Box contains everything you need to perform a complete ritual, including detailed instructions. You’ll be manifesting your wildest (and most prosperous) dreams in no time.

The Prosperity Box is for you if:

  • You want more money in your life
  • You’re looking for clarity in your career
  • You’re looking for clarity on your wealth journey 
  • You’re looking for success 
  • You want to take your business or career to the next level
  • You're looking for a job


  • Ritual candle dressed with ritual appropriate oils
  • 10 ml. handmade magic Prosperity Oil
  • Ritual cleansing smoke  wand to cleanse and energize your space
  • Hand-picked and charged crystal
  • Detailed spell instructions
  • Meditations, mantras, or invocations
  • Golden Note 

Please allow variations as everything in this Prosperity Ritual Box is handcrafted or hand-curated, and blessed under a waxing moon for your highest abundance.