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Facial Rose Mist

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Elevate your daily rituals. 

Anoint your face, body, hair,  with alluring Persian Rose Damask. An intoxicating sensory experience that yields youthful dewy skin and an uplifted spirit.     

With regular use, Benefits of Sage + Gold Roots Rose Water:

  •  Great for Normal, Dry, Dull, Sensitive Skin
  • Naturally  Hydrates 
  • Brightens 
  • Tones and Tightens
  • Soothes Capillaries
  • Soothes Dry + Inflamed Skin 
  • Calms Irritated Skin/Acne
  • Soothes Sunburn, and Rash 
  •  Restores Skin’s pH Balances
  • Tightens pores
  • Fades the appearance of scars and dark spots 
  • Reduces the appearance of eye puffiness 
  •  Improves Mood
  • Sets Makeup

INGREDIENTS: High Vibe Distilled Water, Rose Damascus, Extracts of Lavender and Star Anise, Vitamin E Oil

100% ORGANIC Rose Water infused with Vitamin E Oil!

 4 Oz Glass bottle, bottle is not capped 



Facial Rose Mist  Sage + Gold Roots
Facial Rose Mist Sale price$22.00