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Petite Garden | Ritual Smoke Wand

Sale price$13.00

A mini version of our tribe favorite, Eden Garden Smudge. An abundant  bouquet  of herbal and floral essences. Eden, wild garden smudge is full of divine feminine energy for love, self love, self awareness, beauty, clarity, confidence, guidance. From my garden to your sacred space. 

Your smudge may contain some or all of the following herbs/floral offerings:

Cedar - protection + Guidance 

Lavender for peace, love, and higher spiritual connection 

Rosemary for abundance and overflow 

White Garden Sage to purify and move unwanted energies 

Holy Yerba Santa Herb for sacred protection and restoration 

Statice is for preservation and longevity

Yarrow for protection and healthy boundaries 

Cinnamon (Optional) for prosperity and passion 

Bay Leaves  for manifestation of your hearts deepest desires 

Assorted Wild Flowers
 for joy, love, and emotional support 

One smudge approx 4”-6”

These produce a lot of smoke and are probably best suited for well ventilated larger rooms or outside use/ rituals.

*Please note:  due to the natural handmade nature of these items, herbs, string color, and flowers may differ from what is pictured. Because of the natural variations that make up the items in these bundles, the items you receive will look similar, but not exactly, as shown. Substitutes may be added based on availability. All our natural items are sourced responsibly from it's place or people of origin.


Please smudge responsibly.