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One of a Kind Ritual Smoke Wands

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Only one of each. Spirit lead crafts. Abundant bundles bond of seasonal provisions. Your wand may content a selection of cedar, rosemary, lavender and an assortment of wild florals. One will be intuitively selected for you. If you’re drawn to it, it was crafted especially for you.

Safely light your wand in a well ventilated space away from drafts or anything that may easily catch fire. Rest your burning wand in a fire safe vessel.

Please note:  due to the natural handmade nature of these items- herbs, string color, and flowers may differ from what is pictured. Because of the natural variations that make up the items in these bundles, the items you receive will look similar, but not exactly, as shown. Substitutes may be added based on availability. Please allow some variance. All our natural items are locally sourced responsibly from it's place or people of origin.