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Holy Wood | Palo Santo

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Holy Wood | Palo Santo

Discover the mystical wonders of Palo Santo, the sacred Holy Wood that elevates vibrations + purifies your sacred space. Originating from the South American coast, Palo Santo shares mystical kinship with Frankincense, Myrrh, and Copal. Revered as a profoundly sacred and spiritual tree, it exudes a cleansing energy and healing properties akin to Sage and Cedar. Immerse yourself in its enchanting aroma of pine, mint, and lemon, and unlock boundless creativity and abundant blessings. 

The transformative power of the sacred Palo Santo, is perfect for purifying your home, cleansing crystals, and setting the stage for meditation. After using sage to clear away negative energy, burning Palo Santo will infuse your space with positive vibes and create a sacred ambiance. With its enchanting scent and mystical properties, Palo Santo is a must-have for any spiritual practice.

Explore our selection of Palo Santo bundles to experience its magic for yourself.

Each bundle contains 4 Palo Santo sticks + keepsake charm  


** All Palo Santo materials are ethically sourced “Bursera graveolens” variety NOT to be confused with the endangered variety known as “Bulnesia sarmientoi”. Wood is harvested from naturally fallen materials, on private land. Nothing is cut or picked from the trees.

Holy Wood | Palo Santo Sage + Gold Roots
Holy Wood | Palo Santo Sale price$11.00